The PillsPrime Affiliate Program belongs to Pharm Logistics. After you have joined the Affiliate Program the agreement is concluded between you as the Affiliate and the Pharm Logistics. The Agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which you, the Affiliate, and the owner of the Affiliate Program will cooperate. The Terms and Conditions constitute a legal agreement between PillsPrime and you, the Affiliate. Joining the PillsPrime Program means that you have read, understood and agreed on the terms of the program. If you do not accept these terms, please do not join the Affiliate Program.

1. Program: The PillsPrime Affiliate Program, an internet platform that enables the Affiliate to make profit from acting as a go-between in the sale of our products.
2. Terms and Conditions: These terms.
3. Owner: Pharm Logistics
4. Application Form: a form necessary for individual people or companies to join the Program to transfer their data.
5. Management Panel: the part of the platform to which you gain individual access when you have registered successfully for the PillsPrime Program. The Affiliate's Management Panel contains information about profits, sales results and statistics. It is also possible to create advertising campaigns, pursue inquiries and participate in the forum.
6. Products: products offered by the Pharm Logistics, available for sale through the Affiliate Program.
7. Marketing tools-creations: advertising materials to be placed on websites and blogs belonging to Affiliates, namely: banners, pictures, articles/texts.
8. Affiliate Link: a unique link generated for the campaign, different for each Affiliate.
9. Campaign: a promotional campaign created by the Affiliate.
10. Statistics: a tool that is necessary to follow the effects of the campaign.

I. Participation in the PillsPrime Program

1. To join the PillsPrime Affiliate Program, you must fill in the registration form and accept all the Terms and Conditions of the Program.
2. While filling out the application form, the Affiliate is required to provide their first name, last name,all the necessary contact details, and select a user name and password.
3. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that you understand and agree on the rules of the Affiliate Program.
4. The participation in the Affiliate Program is free of charge.

II. Commissions

1. Joining the Affiliate Program gives a chance to generate unique Affiliate Links, on the basis of which the sale is settled.
2. The Affiliate Link is a unique code assigned directly to the Affiliate, and used by the Affiliate to promote products included in the PillsPrime Affiliate Program.
3. The Affiliate must generate a different Affiliate Link to promote each product.
4. The Organizer provides the possibility to create advertising campaigns, and thus generate extended unique Affiliate Links.
5. The commission is calculated on the basis of orders made on the main page of the product promoted in the Affiliate Program through the unique link of the Affiliate.
6. The amount of a commission varies, depending on the promoted product.
7. The commission is calculated when the product is sent by the Organizer to the Customer.
8. The commission is cancelled when the purchased goods are returned by the buyer. (Chargeback)
9. The Owner of the Affiliate Program pays the commission for recommending the Affiliate Program to other people. The commission is paid when the recommended person joins the PillsPrime Program and starts making profit.
10. Commissions are paid every month using your chosen method of payment. Fees are paid on 21st day of each month (or the next business day in case of a holiday or weekend) and include finalized transactions from the previous month. The commission is paid out under the condition of reaching the minimum limit of profits and filling out payment information form in the Affiliate's Management Panel correctly.
11. The Affiliate can track payments and commissions in the Affiliate's Management Panel.
12. The Owner of the Affiliate Program reserves the right to reduce the commission in the case of Chargebacks.
13. The Owner of the Affiliate Program reserves the right not to pay the commission if the Owner finds that the transactions that the Affiliate handles are not in accordance with the Terms and Conditions rules.
14. The Owner reserves the right to remove the Affiliate from the Affiliate Program and not to pay his commission in a situation where there is a suspicion that he acts not in accordance with the Rules.

III. Rights and Obligations of the Affiliate

1. Having registered, the Affiliate is obliged to give all the necessary information, including payment details, and obey the rules and terms of the Program throughout the entire membership period.
2. The Affiliate joining the Affiliate Program agrees to give all their personal information necessary for being involved in the business activity within the Affiliate Program.
3. The PillsPrime gives the Affiliate a license to use the advertising materials of the products contained in the Affiliate Program and use them on the Affiliate's websites, blogs, social networking sites in order to promote these products and increase their sales.
4. The Affiliate is not allowed to copy the content of websites of products promoted by the Affiliate Program. Only materials being part of the PillsPrime Affiliate Program can be used to advertise the products.
5. Due to the fact that all products promoted by the Affiliate Program are registered trademarks and have all the necessary certificates, it is forbidden for Affiliates to promote themselves using key words associated with the PillsPrime brands.
6. The Affiliate is obliged to constantly update content of the Affiliate's web pages, blogs and social networking sites so that they are always consistent with the main page of the product in the Affiliate Program.
7. Maintaining and updating websites belonging to the Affiliate can only be done by the Affiliate, who is fully responsible for it.
8. The Affiliate agrees to have Affiliate's websites monitored by PillsPrime, and the affiliate is also obligated to inform about the traffic sources in full details, when asked by the owner of the PillsPrime program.
9. The Affiliate is also obliged to comply with all the local laws applicable in countries where products are promoted.
10. You are not allowed to use the name, logo or brand of the PillsPrime Program without the consent of the Owner.
11. Having accepted the Terms and Conditions, the Affiliate is allowed to use the PillsPrime forum, under the condition of adhering generally accepted ethical and moral principles, which entails not posting information that is false, offensive, inaccurate, vulgar, and obscene, incites hatred, intimidates, profanes values, threatens or invades one's privacy.
12. The Affiliate is allowed to resign from participating in the Affiliate Program at any time by providing the Owner of the Program with a proper statement.
13. Having withdrawn from the PillsPrime Affiliate Program, the Affiliate is obliged to remove all the links generated when joining the Program.
14. The Affiliate acts as a go-between in the sale of products offered by the Affiliate Program on auction sites individually or in packages.
15. The Affiliate selling products offered by the Affiliate Program on auction sites, is obliged to place orders for the product on the behalf on the Customer, providing address and contact details of the Customer.
16. The Affiliate cannot order the products in bulk by entering personal data of one person.
17. Cookies must be saved only through the transition from the Affiliate's web page to the product page using the tools that are available in the PillsPrime Program (links, banners, etc). Any other form of storing cookies is not allowed.
18. A cookie is valid 120 days and during this time it is not overwritten, and the commission is assigned to the Partner whose site has been visited by the Customer.
19. It is forbidden to advertise on PillsPrime forum competing portals, programs and websites or products. Partner joining the Affiliate Program agrees to receive business-related information as well as marketing materials from the Owner of The PillsPrime Program, Pharm Logistics

IV. Final Provisions

Joining the PillsPrime Affliate Program is equal to the acceptance of the Terms of Use and signing a contract between Affiliate and Pharm Logistics, the Owner of PillsPrime Program. Violation of the Terms and Conditions of the PillsPrime Affiliate Program will result in immediate account suspension and paying no commission to the Affiliate by the Owner.The PillsPrime Affiliate Program reserves the right to block the Affiate's account in case the Affiliate acts to the detriment of the Affiliate Program or other Affilates.The Owner of the Affiliate Program reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions and also to inform the Affiliate about these changes by posting a new version of the Terms and Conditions on its website.