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Online privacy policy: Guidelines for the cookies use

We understand that an important aspect of our work is the safety of the personal info of our customers. We try to ensure the best possible safety; therefore we offer a reliable system without failures. You can better understand the importance of cookies by opening the appropriate section on Pills-Prime. We also want to clarify the importance of this to you and show how you could limit or prevent the use of such files.

General Information

Cookies are small, special files that the browser saves on your smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet after visiting a page on the network. PillsPrime works a little differently; it collects and saves files using cookies. Such files provide benefits for users - they improve browsing, preserving your habits and remembering your desires when searching for certain information. Such files also help to update and improve the services.

There are several types of cookies that you could read about in more detail below.

Types of cookies used on the PillsPrime website:

Cookies can be divided according to their purpose, expiration date, and origin.

Those files that PillsPrime used, have different goals, and their expiration dates could be different.

  1. Origin
    1. First-party cookies. They directly managed and deposited by PillsPrime.
    2. Third-party cookies. They were created to analyze user actions and watch how they move around PillsPrime. Such files are managed by partners to conduct a statistical analysis of data.
  2. Purpose
    1. Technical cookies. This allows you to use smooth and easy navigation on the site. They also provide the ability to use specific tools that have limited access.
    2. Cookies for analysis and advertising purposes. Such files collect statistical data about users; give information about the frequency of visits to the site, habits and user behavior inside the resource. Internet, services, navigation - all this can be improved. Cookies could be placed here if you click on a specific advertisement slot. This allows us to create anonymous users who advertise based on the specific interests of our users.
  3. Validity
    1. Session cookies. They collect and save all the data that the user looked while visiting the PillsPrime website.
    2. Persistent cookies. Depending on the need, these cookies collect and safe browser data for a certain period time. The browser has special settings that will help you block, accept or disable some cookies for your device. You can read a corresponding manual of the most popular browsers here:
      1. Firefox
      2. Chrome
      3. Internet Explorer
      4. Safari

Some settings may block cookies in the browser but here you will still get access to all the info on the site. However, some work and some services on the PillsPrime website may have restrictions for access.

You can consent to the use cookies but then you may revoke your consent. Those cookies that were opened will be blocked.

If there are any changes in the use or configuration of cookies, then PillsPrime has the right to change the access and use policy of this. But a new updated version will be open on this site.

Enable and disable cookies

We use different cookies to get the best interaction with users of our site. More details about this are described above.

If you want to clear cookies on your device, then you will lose all the data that was viewed or used when browsing the PillsPrime website.

If you want to use another browser and serf the site there, the cookie settings may differ from those in the previous browser. Cookies also depend on the browser and the device that was used (tablet, PC, laptop or smartphone). Above, we described how to use cookies in a specific browser and view the PillsPrime website without difficulty.

Essential and functional cookies from PillsPrime (first-party cookies):

These cookies were created by the developers of PillsPrime to make the site work easy and smooth.

Our company (PillsPrime) has the right to collect and analyze data about your actions on our resource. If you do not want us to do this, then un-check the disclaimer.

Third-party cookies:

We also use cookies of the third side to analyze the actions of users on our site.

This allows us to receive an assessment of the effectiveness of our resource so that we could have the opportunity to develop and improve our services. This is a definite user experience because we see how different users act on our site.

The policy of work and use of cookies that we described above is valid for all users of our site. This also applies to those who fill out order forms and where data is being collected.

By browsing the PillsPrime online store, you accept the cookie policy without conditions.