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Zovirax (Aciclovir) Cream 5%
Zovirax (Aciclovir) Cream 5%

Zovirax (Aciclovir) Cream 5%


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Commercial Name: Zovirax
Ingredient: Acyclovir
Utilization: a thin layer on the affected and surrounding areas
Available Dosage: 200mg, 400mg
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Zovirax is an antiviral medication. 
Zovirax for 1000 mg of cream for outer utilize incorporates active ingredients: acyclovir - 50 mg; 
Assistant segments: fluid paraffin, propylene glycol, delicate white paraffin, alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, poloxamer 407, Dimethicone, glycerol monostearate, macrogol stearate, decontaminated water. 
Zovirax as a cream for outer utilize is endorsed to treat contaminations of the skin and mucous membranes caused by the herpes simplex infection type 1 and 2, including herpes lips. 
Contraindications of Zovirax 
The utilization of Zovirax in all measurement shapes is contraindicated within the sight of extreme touchiness to the parts of the medication and in addition to valacyclovir. Nursing and pregnant ladies can utilize the medication just in situations where the medical benefits of the mother are higher than the conceivable dangers to the child or embryo. 
Also, the answer for implantations ought to be managed with alert amid the advancement of responses to cytotoxic medications with their intravenous utilization (and with signs of such responses ever), and also within the sight of the neurological issue. 
Strategy for application and measurements of Zovirax 
The cream is prescribed to be connected with a thin layer on the affected and encompassing area of the mucous membranes and skin 5 times each day (with interferences for 4 hours). 
To keep away from the extra disease of the influenced territories, Zovirax ought to be connected with clean hands or a cotton swab. The term treatment isn't under 4 days. In the event that there is no impact, the duration of the course can be reached out to 10 days. In the event that manifestations endure for longer than 10 days, you have to counsel a specialist.
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Tobias Adler

Medical editor

Last updated: 5.06.2023