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Ampicillin (Penicillin)

Ampicillin (Penicillin)


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Commercial Name: Ampicillin
Principal Ingredient: Penicillin
Utilization: Antibiotic at large spectrum
Available Dosage: 500mg
Category Antibiotics
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Ampicillin is an acillin-based antibiotic used for treatment of stomach, intestines, bladder, kidney, sinuses, and middle ear infections. It belongs to aminopenicillin group and is a broad-spectrum medication that has anti-bacterial effect and affects the process of bacterial growth and development in the body. 
It is highly effective against bacteria sensitive to acillin; they are mostly Gram-positive strains and some Gram-negative ones, e.g. E.coli, Haemophilus influenza (Pfeiffer's bacillus), Klebsiella pneumonia, schigella, proteus, and salmonella. However, mixed bacteria infections can be treated with Ampicillin as well; the only exclusion are microorganisms producing penicillase as they are naturally resistant to acillin and its analogues from aminopenicillin group. 
This makes Ampicillin a popular aid in treatment of pneumonia and infectious diseases caused by the bacteria mentioned above, as well as some gastrointestinal, urogenital, and respiratory conditions.
The formula of Ampicillin does not allow it to dissolve in stomach acid, yet it is easily absorbed.
Side effects of Ampicillin might include:
    • rash or itching;
    • diarrhea, colitis;
    • fever (sometimes combined with sore throat, tongue or mouth);
    • nausea and/or vomiting.
Those must be reported to your doctor if persistent or very irritating, as well as any signs of allergic reactions (e.g. rush or hives), which might be caused by overdose.
To decrease the risk of developing side effects, it is required that your doctor authorized treatment with Ampicillin if you:
    • are hypersensitive or allergic to acillin, penicillin, cephalosporin antibiotics, or any ingredients of Ampicillin;
    • suffer from asthma, liver failure or hay fever;
    • are taking oral contraceptives (some of them may interfere with Ampicillin), anti-diarrhea medications or those preventing blood clotting;
    • are going to take urine glucose test, as Ampicillin may affect its results by showing fake positive results;
    • have had long-term treatment with Ampicillin before and it did not improve your condition or worsened it, as it might have strengthened some resistant bacteria’s immunity against Ampicillin and caused their development into superinfection.
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