Ask Me?
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Why is your product so cheap?

We offer our customers products at an affordable price because we do not spend money on marketing and do not pay tax – we receive goods without registration upon entering the country. Our company is located in an offshore territory, and the cost of production is lower than our competitors have. Of course, we also do not use child labor.

Do you sell generics or pills from popular brands?

In our catalog, you can find generic pills and products from world-famous brands. All preparations for general use are marked as "generic", even if we use the original name of the manufacturer’s trademark.

What pills do you sell?

You can see our catalog in the "products" section. There you will find a complete list of pills but not all products can be sold without consulting with a doctor. The law prohibits this, so we cannot sell many pills over the Internet.

What does Generic stand for?

Generic means that the drug belongs to the manufacturer and the online store uses and sells it with a different name. The composition and purpose of the pill remain standard but the name changes.

Why does the name on the drug differ from the branded one?

This is the name that is used specifically here. There is a branded pill and another company wants to sell it. The composition and use of the drug remain unchanged but another company changes only its name. This is necessary to do so as not to violate the law and to be able to sell tablets from a well-known brand without the permission of the manufacturer and obtaining a patent.

Why does the form of the pill differ from that of the branded one?

We have already explained this answer above: the tablet form is also a patented item from the manufacturer, so using the same form will be a violation of copyright.

What is the difference between Soft and Regular tabs?

Soft tabs have a faster speed of action, for example, quickly dissolve under the tongue. These types will allow you to drink alcohol and eat fatty food before intimate contact. But doctors do not recommend using these tabs very often.

What is the package like?

Most tablets go in blisters - 10 pills in each. If you order a big quantity, then we will divide it into two packages. If one order has 60 tablets, then it will be one package. We ship large orders in batches. The second part of the batch will be sent in three days after the first one.

Are you planning to add other products in the catalog?

If you are looking for a pill and this is not in our catalog, then write to us. We will try to add it to the catalog as soon as possible.

What happens when I submit my order?

We ship every order and customer data set to a qualified doctor. He checks your data and gives the answer: can we sell you the pill or not.

What credit cards do you accept?

Our online pharmacy works with Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Diners and JCB cards.

When will my credit card be charged?

The amount will be charged from your card only when our payment department confirms the purchase and your order would be fully processed.

What is your privacy policy?

We guarantee privacy policy and security. Our site has a special section where more detailed information about this is located. We use a modern online order processing system, which has a high level of data security. This provides more security for your data and your credit card information. Each computer system of our company is regularly being tested for security so that our customers and their data would be safely stored.

How can I apply the coupon?

Our online pharmacy has a coupon system that allows each client to receive an excellent discount. This system also allows you to get free delivery, some additional products or something for free. If you received a letter with a coupon on your mail then use this when paying for your order. You can also get a coupon after the first purchase in our pharmacy if the amount of your order will be more than 200 Euro. You can get detailed information about our coupons if you ask our manager. He will contact you after placing your order.

What is your cancellation policy?

The client can cancel the order if it has not yet been sent for approval to our doctor. If the doctor has already approved your order, then we cannot cancel such a purchase. In the special section, you can find out more information about the cancellation policy and the necessary conditions for this.

Do you have any age restriction?

Yes, we have limitations. We sell our products to people who are over 18 years old.

How do you ship orders?

We have 2 shipping methods:

- International unregistered airmail.

- Also use a courier service: orders that we send with this service can be tracked by the parcel number.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally.

What if my order is delayed at customs?

If this situation will happen, then the customs service will contact you to visit them and open your parcel. Then they will look at the contents of the package and give it to you. If you have problems with this situation, then let us know and we will try to help you to solve it.

What am I to do if the package is damaged when I receive it or if it is missing?

Write to us and describe the problem. Read the section with the terms of our company. If the parcel was damaged or the product does not meet your order, we can send you another product or return the money.