Who Are We?
We are Pharmaceutical Company based in London , manufacturer and retail the highest quality supplements dedicated to men and women.All our products are clinically tested, made from natural ingredients using modern production methods.

How Does It Work?
For every visitor that you send to us from your site, that turns into a sale, you will make a 45% commission.

What Kind of Tracking Do You Use?
We use advanced tracking software which uses flash cookies. You will also have access to a direct linking feature so your customers do not see your affiliate link. This increases trust and conversions.

When Will I Be Paid?
Payments are sent on the 1st of every month for all sales made in the previous month. We pay via Wire or Paypal. If you require an alternative payment method this can also be arranged. Just ask!

How Much Can I Earn ?
You can earn from $25 to $100 per sale.

How can I earn without a website?
There are few ways of promotions like: social network sites (FB, Twitter, Instagram) , writing blogs, writing comments on forum and blogs

What is the highest commission can I earn on one order?
Commission percentage depends on your monthly sales, maximum rate is 50%

How can I get my money?
Commissions are paid out once a month under the condition you collect at least $200

Do You Allow E-Mail Marketing?
E-Mail marketing is only allowed after we have approved your list.

Can I earn money by recommending Pillsprime to others?
You’ll permanently get up to 10% commission from sales of each person recommended by you, who registers at PillsPrime and starts to earn.

How Can I Apply?
Just click here to apply today. Once we have approved your application you can start promoting right away.