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What do sleeping pills mean and how does such a drug work? There are many types of drugs that are classified as over-the-counter and prescription drugs. They will help you to get healthy and full sleep. If you will see the whole list of these drugs, then you will be quite surprised by their quantity. But there is a simple review that will help you to understand which drugs would be the best solution for treating different types of insomnia.

Even the best drugs should be used only with medical consultation. Not all people can choose the right drug on their own because each organism has individual characteristics. Also, the treatment of insomnia can be accompanied by other necessary things: a change in nutrition, exercises, changes in the conditions for healthy sleep. It may also require special therapy, stress treatment, and more. It must be remembered that any drugs have a list of side effects that lead to drowsiness, weakness, poor concentration, and more. Also, some drugs for treating insomnia can be addictive with frequent use, but doctors says that Ambien is the safest drug if compare to others.


Tobias Adler

Medical editor

Last updated: 23.05.2023